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Architectural Antiques UK will value your possessions for cash purchase.

Often customers allow House Clearance Companies to haul off potentially valuable items and pay for the privilege.

Why not allow Architectural Antiques UK to value your contents FREE of CHARGE, YOU then decide what you want to sell and we can then organise a structured contents clearance.

Architectural Antiques UK for fast efficient House and Property clearance.

Architectural Antiques UK will also offer advice "free of charge" on any items which fall outside of the agreed transaction.

Architectural Antiques UK offer a no obligation visit to view and value single items or complete house and property clearance.

Architectural Antiques UK are ethical buyers and business people and will fully explain all the options available to the seller so they can come to an informed and satisfactory decision.

Architectural Antiques UK appreciate the sensitive circumstances which sometimes make valuations necessary, bereavements, financial difficulties etc, and always treat every enquiry with confidentiality, guaranteed.



Why not just get a House Clearance company in to clear the house or business premises?

Everything in a property/business will have a value, even cutlery and everyday household goods, someone, somewhere will be a buyer or collector of these items so why not take advantage of this rather than being taken advantage of? It is also perceived as hard work, so again let us take on the workload and let Architectural Antiques UK value these items for you. 

It is difficult for us to have to deal with this, so would rather let a company come in and sort everything out.

Architectural Antiques UK realise that the circumstances leading to a house/business clearance are traumatic and having to go through a relatives personal possessions is an added pressure at a difficult time, hence a clearance company is seen as a quick and hassle free option. Architectural Antiques UK recognise this and our mature experienced valuer will handle negotiations in a sympathetic and empathic manner. 

So what is the difference between your company and a House Clearance Company?

Architectural Antiques UK are an ethical business practioner and will offer valuations on all relevant items as well as discussing all possible options other than a direct sale. Once agreed we will then distribute remaining goods to Charity Shops and other worthwhile outlets ensuring optimum reuse of what are often perfectly good items. Remaining items are then disposed of at relevant recycling plants. The intention is to return clients a fair price for items purchased and free disposal of reusable items, this then reduces dramatically any fees needed to clear the house. 

What do you mean by fees needed to clear house?

Any remaining items are typically carpets, furniture, kitchen units, TV`s and Electrical goods, hire of skips and or fees for disposal of waste at municipal sites, if any cleaning is required use of steam cleaners. All of this is agreed and handled by Architectural Antiques UK again minimising the need for burdening the client. 

So how much does this all cost?

Architectural Antiques UK point out that typically a Clearance Load can be as little as £220 to over £500, example 3 loads can be as much as £1500, this does not include for instance fridge disposal costs and municipal site costs, our intention is to reduce the loads required whilst also giving clients money back for items which some companies include in a load and charge you for the privelege.

We specialise in many areas which include:-

• House clearance full or part

• Loft clearance

• Business clearance of any kind

• Scrap metal removed

• Bereaved estates

• Cash for Contents

• Valuations

We welcome enquiries from solicitors and executors.

We welcome enquiries from housing associations and local authorities.

We buy single items or large collections of items to include:-

Gold, silver, antiques, furniture, pottery, porcelain, medals, coins, stamps, vintage toys, coins, Objet D`art, Victorian Memorabilia etc.Covering the following areas; Grimsby House Clearance, Laceby House Clearance, Cleethorpes House Clearance, Humberstone House Clearance, Tetney House Clearance, Tealby House Clearance, Ashby Cum Fenby House Clearance, Hibaldstow House Clearance, Barton House Clearance, Barnetby House Clearance, Lincolnshire House Clearance, North East Lincolnshire House Clearance. 

Architectural Antiques UK always recommend use of recognised reputable local Clearance Companies preferably one referred by a previous client.In any event Architectural Antiques UK guarantee our best attention at all times and look forward to helping you help yourself and others, after all our logo says it all;

Reclamation for Future Generations

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